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To give hope requires people with a vison ...

...People like Rosemary and Robert. Both of them benefit from many years of experience in social organisations. During the 

genocide in Rwanda and later during the riots in Sudan they supported the local people and stayed with them on their sites. Now 

they are focusing on their own country, Uganda, especially on the Mbale district. They want to support the children in need there 

and give them a better future. From our visits to the villages we were able to identify and register more than 600 children in need. 

Many of those children are growing up as orphans. The main reasons those children became orphans were HIV and malaria. But 

there is no general lack of medical treatment. The people can get medicine against malaria in the government hospitals for free, 

but very often they just cannot afford the transport to the hospitals.The ‘Give me Hope Africa’ project’s vision is to make it 

possible for the necessary treatments to be available where the people live. Parents would not have to die senselessly, children 

would not have to lose their parents senselessly. We see education as a very important part of society and it should be available to 

every child. We wish that every child can have a home, enough clothes and enough food. To make our vision come true and not 

remain a dream, we need your support. Help us to give hope! 

100% of your donations will go to the children in need. We would personally like to ensure you of that: Rosemary and Robert 
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